Tired of paying high retail prices? Join UBID2SAVE! & get up to 99% off the product’s retail price. Auction winners can get 25 FREE bids for just giving us a review!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • General

    What is UBID2SAVE?

    UBID2SAVE! is an exclusive retail penny auction experience that offers its members a variety of the latest, overstock retail items in women’s and men’s fashion, electronics, travel, leisure, and entertainment. Members that bid and win get up to 99% off the retail price! All retail items are new and sealed in original packaging. All retail products are sourced from well known stores you shop at everyday. UBID2SAVE! is different from your traditional auction routine as bids are purchased beforehand and up front while bidding occurs in fixed increments. UBID2SAVE! takes members on a fun and memorable experience based on lifestyle and fashion trends that our members will enjoy indulging in.

  • Why should I use UBID2SAVE?

    UBID2SAVE! Retail Penny Auctions are a fun way to enjoy shopping for your favorite and most desired retail products. Every month, new products will be up for auction in which we take pride in offering the most wanted luxury items from the world’s leading brands and designers. We are here to bring you the must have items you desire at just a fraction of the price. UBIDSAVE! believes in auction fairness in order to provide an even playing field for all bidders. For this, our website is routinely examined by an independent international audit firm that provides reasonable assurance that bids are placed by bonafide users and doesn’t manipulate the bidding process to affect who wins the auctions. We are open to any questions or concerns you may have and are free to contact us at care@ubid2save.com WE WOULD LIKE TO NOTE, UBID2SAVE! is NOT a lottery or ANY other form of gaming or gambling. UBID2SAVE! Retail Penny Auctions do not contain any random element because the outcome of every auction depends on how many bids a bidder is prepared to place. It is possible for a bidder to win any auction provided that the bidder is prepared to place enough bids and therefore there is no element of chance. Users should ensure that they are aware of the number of bids they are placing and show caution so as to not use their bids frivolously. If the user/bidder places the winning bid they are NOT obligated to purchase the product at the final auction price reached. Please note, with UBID2SAVE! retail penny auctions, YOU DO NOT PAY THE FINAL AUCTION PRICE!

  • Products Info

    How can you sell expensive retail products at such low prices?

    The pre-paid system of our auction process allows us to offer popular brands at extremely low prices. The bids submitted by users during an auction fund the product cost, allowing the final bidder to win a amazing retail product, for just pennies on the dollar! The winning bidder will get up to 99% off the current retail price.

  • How do I know the products you offer, are authentic?

    UBID2SAVE! Retail Auctions, guarantee that all our items are 100% genuine and authentic as evidenced by the original tags and original packaging. We also only deal with the official suppliers and distributors of the brands we feature. If possible, we will include a picture of the actual product we have in stock. All pictures will be displayed in the auction.

  • Are the products brand new, used, or open-box?

    All of our products are brand new and come in original packaging. UBID2SAVE! Retail Auctions will never offer used, refurbished, or open-boxed retail products to our members.

  • Why does the product retail price sometimes differ between countries?

    Sometimes, items on our website are listed at a retail price that is different than the retail price you might find in a shop, location, or country. The reason being that we procure our items from different sources in different countries all over the world where customs, taxes, shipping, and handling are different adding up to a different retail price.

  • Participating In Auctions

    Do I need to set up an account to place a bid?

    Yes, you do. Register with us for free and enjoy the following benefits. You can bid on auctions, get notified when new items are listed, manage your account details, order history, bidding history, email preferences, track your orders and review past bids. Don’t forget, you get 5 FREE bids when you register! Save your contact details and address for faster processing. Products get shipped faster with no delays! Make sure your email is correct, all won eGift Cards will be sent there.

  • How do I bid at an auction?

    Bidding at UBID2SAVE! is easy and fun. Once you have found an item you desire, press the “BID” button underneath the item to place a bid. Before placing a bid, you need to pre-purchase a bid package. To do that, click on the “BUY CREDIT” button, and select the bid package that suits you most.

  • How do I buy bids?

    When you first register, you will receive 5 free bids to get you started. Purchase additional bids by clicking on the “Buy Credit” button and following the instructions. The “Buy Credit” button is located in the top left side of the website and takes you to the Bid Pack page. You can pay securely using Paypal. Visa, MasterCard, and AMEX Cards are accepted, credit or debit. Remember, one of the key elements of being successful in a penny auction is being ready to bid at any time.

  • Fairness In Auctions

    What is fairness in auctions?

    The integrity and fairness of our auction process is the main priority of UBID2SAVE! We explicitly state that UBID2SAVE! does not use any systems OR robots that automatically bid on our auctions and also guarantee that no employees of UBID2SAVE! are permitted to bid on the auctions.

  • Bid Buddy

    How does the Bid Buddy work?

    You can rely on our BID Buddy to place bids for you according to parameters that you set, so you can stay in the lead even when you’re away from your computer, phone, or Ipad. BID Buddy monitors your bid when you cannot be online, or when you would like to have bids placed automatically for you. You decide how many bids you wish to place, when the timer counts down to 15 seconds. The BID Buddy will randomly place your bid at a random time within these 15 seconds, this will ensure that neither you nor the manual bidders are favored in any way. You can refill your BID Buddy as many times as you want, the maximum amount of bids to place in the Buddy varies by auction and will be predetermined according to the value of the item on auction. The maximum number of bids to place in the Buddy will be clearly indicated in the lower right section of the bidding page.

  • How do I set up a Bid Buddy?

    Choose the auction you wish to bid on. The BID Buddy can be found in the lower right section of the Bidding page. Enter the number of bids you want BID BUDDY to have access to (maximum number of bids to be placed is predetermined and varies by auction), Then select 'set'. The BID Buddy will bid on your behalf until you are the final bidder or until your bids are consumed, whichever comes first.

  • What if there are several Bid Buddies on the same auction?

    All BID Buddies will randomly take turns bidding until they run out of bids.

  • Shipping And Delivery

    Which countries does UBID2SAVE! ship to?

    All shipping within the Continental US is FREE, this includes Hawaii, Alaska, and Puerto Rico. UBID2SAVE! will not ship retail products out of the Continental US. If you win a auction, and reside outside the Continental US, UBID2SAVE! will credit your Paypal account, with the most current US retail value of the product.

  • Does UBID2SAVE! ship to post office boxes or freight forwarding addresses?

    Please note that we are unable to deliver to Post Office boxes. We do not deliver to forwarding addresses. For security, we only ship to registered winners and do not ship to forwarding addresses or nominated other persons.

  • Returns And Exchanges

    Does UBID2SAVE! accept returns and exchanges?

    Returns are accepted if the product is received by the winning bidder, in a defective manner. You should inform UBID2SAVE! of such defect within (2) two business days of receiving the product. UBID2SAVE! reserves the right to refuse any returns if not notified within (2) two business days. Product defects caused by the customer are not the responsibility of UBID2SAVE! For questions related to returns, please contact us at care@ubid2save.com In case a return is valid, products should be returned unused with all designer tags still attached and in its original packaging. Damaged or stained products returned as a result of negligence will not be accepted and will be sent back to the owner. As for exchanges, we don’t offer exchanges for items won.

  • Payments

    What payment methods does UBID2SAVE! accept?

    Payments can be securely processed through Paypal. Visa, MasterCard, Amex, debit or credit cards are accepted. Payment will be debited and cleared from your account at time of purchase of the bid pack. Remember, if you win a product, you DO NOT PAY the final auction price. The winner of the product, will receive all bids used to win the auction, returned to their account.

  • Title

    Your personal online security is important to us. We use the latest SSL encryption technology to store and safely transmit your personal and credit card information. Credit card information is not stored in our systems but managed by our payment gateway provider. All orders are processed through a secure checkout system through our payment gateway provider, Paypal.

  • Technical Issues

    Why did my bid not register?

    Sometimes the Internet lag can delay your bid in reaching UBID2SAVE! servers. This can be caused by a number of things, but is usually due to high traffic somewhere between your PC and our servers. There are a number of ways to reduce the chance of this happening:

    1. Don't leave your bidding until the very last second.
    2. Use the BID Buddy to place your bid.
    3. Don't download or send large files while using UBID2SAVE!.

    Something is wrong, I can’t bid anymore?

    If you find yourself not being able to bid on a product, more than likely it’s due to one of the following reasons.

    1. You have exceeded the maximum win limit. You can only win (8) auctions every (28) days.
    2. You have the current winning bid on (8) auctions, you will not be able to bid again, until another bidder outbids you.
    3. You have no more bids remaining in your account. You will need to purchase a bid pack.

  • Why did my bid button become transparent and I cannot click it?

    When you lose your internet connection, we disable the bid button in order to prevent you from placing bids that will be delivered to us when you reconnect.

  • Recommended internet connection?

    DSL connection or faster. Most cable or satellite companies can provide you with the latest high speed internet. For your safety, try to avoid using public access hotspots. Most cell phones, laptops and tablets are 4G capable. You are much more secure staying on your own secure connection, when transmitting sensitive information.